"Real thinking is possible only in the light of genuine language . . ."
—Susanne K. Langer
"Find your place on the planet, dig in, and take responsibility from there."
—Gary Snyder
"Let there be . . . mirth and reverence within you.”

Meta Writing and Education Services, LLC

Rosanna L Mattingly, PhD

Getting the Word Out About Our Truly Amazing World!

Welcome to Meta Writing and Education Services, where Agencies, Organizations, and Individuals can find guidance and resources for getting writing projects to completion. I encourage your explorations and questions.

A Trusting Collaboration

An essential aspect of my work is creative collaboration, which paves the way for us to take steps needed to complete projects with grace and ease. I treasure the opportunity to help you reach goals you have set for yourself. To work with you would be a privilege, a trust, and I take this trust to heart with every project.

The name of my business reflects my values in this regard. I chose the name Meta because meta is the guidepost that was placed at either end of the oval racetrack during Roman times. The meta helped guide charioteers through the chaos they found while making turns in their race to the finish line. I also chose Meta because it translates as with, beside, and among. I look forward together to getting your words out about our phenomenal world.


From a Single Article to a Large Project

As a science writer/editor, I help professionals with journal articles, grants, curricula, dissertations, books, and reports. I also write and edit for individuals capturing their unique experiences and family histories in fictionalized and nonfiction books.

I can help you edit a single article or manage a large project. With services ranging from research to production, I can work with you to complete:

 An article or report in need of organization with a focus on accuracy, consistency, and perhaps some of the more-elusive details of spelling and grammar

 A book in need of thorough, substantive review and layout

 An assessment, survey, or grant proposal in need of writing or editing

 A journal article, thesis, or dissertation that needs to meet the requirements of a particular style guide

 A set of course materials or curriculum in need of development, review, or editing

 A blog or science-based website in need of editing for clarity and accuracy

 A document with multiple authors that is beyond your current capacity to complete on time


If you want a partner to ensure your final product is remarkable in meeting your goals, contact me for a complimentary meeting to explore how I might help!

Committed to Ecology and Sustainability

Supporting sustainable practices and open communication to increase awareness of the profound interconnectedness of absolutely everything on the planet.

Grounded in Research and Education

Working from professional experience (MS, PhD) as an academic research scientist and a university professor with a deep foundation in the biological and ecological sciences.

Experienced in Nonfiction

For over two decades, providing writing/editing and layout for nonfiction books, academic journal articles, professional reports, historical publications, and dissertations.

Dedicated to Quality and Integrity

Offering curiosity and meticulous attention to detail in maintaining the voice, accuracy, and credibility your readers will trust.