I partner with people in agencies to get written projects to completion. My specialty lies in nonfiction, particularly in the natural and ecological sciences and education. Meta Writing and Education Services is a woman-owned business certified as an emerging small business by the state of Oregon. My line card is available for review, and the primary NAICS Code is: 711510 Independent Artists, Writers, and Performers.

I help produce materials that are credible and appropriate for the intended audience—whether a selected group of professionals or the general public. In addition, I assist agency staff during times in which the demand for writing and editing services is higher than can be managed in-house alone.


Client Projects

Among the kinds of services I have provided to help move projects forward are:

 Writing/editing technical reports, grants, and articles intended for professional audiences

 Editing plans and proposals according to agency-specified stylesheets

 Researching content, developing programs, and providing writing/editing intended for the general public

 Managing complex and long-term projects that involve input from multiple sources and contributors

 Providing document layout and designing support materials to enhance accessibility for an intended audience

 Editing and designing newsletters, booklets, and conference programs/proceedings

 Developing interdisciplinary curriculum for K–12 students as well as teaching materials for programs in the sciences


My Commitment

As noted in the general description of services, my commitment is 100%. Whether starting from scratch or entering during a later stage of a project, I provide writing, editing, and layout services to assist in moving the work through to completion.



Thank you for reviewing this website. Please let me know if you have any questions. I look forward to visiting with you to discuss how my services might contribute to your work!

Providing Support at All Stages

I provide management services for projects throughout development, including tracking and maintaining organization, coordinating timelines and deadlines, and offering guidance and feedback.

Preparing for Print or Upload

I coordinate design and layout services for print and online publication with ongoing project development and review for effective and efficient completion of all phases of the work.

Ensuring Quality

Whether a project needs research and development, writing, or editing, I offer perspective, expertise, and attention to detail that help ensure your work is at its best on release.




Sample Projects

Where the Huckleberries Grow

Where the Huckleberries Grow Cover

Even Seagulls Cry

Even Seagulls Cry Cover

Honey-Maker: How the Honey Bee Worker Does What She Does

Cover of Honey-Maker

The Bee Line

Masthead for newsletter, The Bee Line