I work with associations, nonprofit organizations, and small businesses to get writing projects to completion. My skills have been honed by decades of meticulous attention to detail, whether in requirements for an annual report or grant proposal, consistent use of terms in a project with multiple authors and agendas, or a plan in need of complete reorganization.

I provide research, writing/editing, and formatting according to prescribed specifications. I also do layout and suggest support materials that help make complex ideas more accessible to an intended audience. In addition, I am available to step in late in the process should additional hands be needed to meet an impending deadline. 


Client Projects

Among the kinds of services I have provided to help move projects forward are:

 Editing and integrating materials from multiple authors for plans, reports, and newsletters

 Organizing, editing, and designing newsletters for print and online publication

Reviewing professional articles and providing substantive editing according to the stylesheet defined by a given journal or organization

Researching and writing website text and grant proposals

Providing writing/editing and project management for chapters of nonfiction books

Editing and designing brochures, background sheets, and programs/proceedings for special events

Developing curriculum for K–12 educators, with an interdisciplinary approach as well as a focus in the sciences


My Commitment

As noted in the general description of the services, my commitment is 100%. Whether starting from scratch or entering the process during the final stages of a project, I provide writing, editing, and layout services that help move work through to completion.



I appreciate your time in reviewing this website and look forward to hearing from you with any questions and to discuss how I might help move your work forward!

Providing Support at All Stages

I provide management services for projects throughout development, including tracking and maintaining organization, coordinating timelines and deadlines, and offering guidance and feedback.

Preparing for Print or Upload

I coordinate design and layout services for print and online publication with ongoing project development and review for effective and efficient completion of all phases of the work.

Ensuring Quality

Whether a project needs research and development, writing, or editing, I offer perspective, expertise, and attention to detail that help ensure that work is at its best on release.

Sample Projects

Where the Huckleberries Grow

Where the Huckleberries Grow Cover

Even Seagulls Cry

Even Seagulls Cry Cover

Honey-Maker: How the Honey Bee Worker Does What She Does

Cover of Honey-Maker

The Bee Line

Masthead for newsletter, The Bee Line