Meta Writing and Education Services, LLC

My services revolve around writing, editing, and layout as I partner with clients who are sharing their knowledge, understanding, and experience of the world in the written word. The process involves meticulous attention to detail aided by curiosity, technical skill, and creativity—all of which are put into service in meeting the needs of client projects.


Writing/Editing, Layout, and Project Management Services

A project entailing writing may begin with a clearly defined scope and objectives, a loose set of ideas from which to develop a framework, or a general notion to be articulated through the writing process. Alternatively, a client may have completed portions of the writing, which I may critique, reorganize, and integrate into a coherent whole. Each situation has its own special challenges and joys as part of the creative process.

Commitment to Quality Writing

The kind of editing involved depends on the project and client choice. For some projects, editing is straightforward, entailing care in review to ensure that word usage, grammar, and punctuation are intact and to verify links in online publications. For other projects—and more commonly—editing is substantive, further requiring rewriting and reorganization, suggesting content and doing research, and asking questions and incorporating the author’s responses. I work with clients to clarify process and project objectives to further ensure clarity, consistency, and completeness.

Commitment to Quality Editing

I also provide page layout and graphics services along with my writing/editing services. In this capacity, because of familiarity with project content and objectives, I am able to coordinate and suggest meaningful support materials from the start as well as provide relatively longer-term guidance overall. During layout, I may prepare line art and graphics, edit images, and create an index. Careful attention to detail plays a role in this, too. The goal is to get it right in all aspects of the work.

Commitment to Quality Design and Layout

When several individuals in an agency or organization are involved in creating material for print or online publication, a need for project management often arises. In this capacity, I coordinate information and timelines throughout a project’s lifetime as well as integrate disparate materials into a final product that is clear, consistent, and coherent throughout. As a detail-oriented point of contact for maintaining updates during all phases of the work, I track who, what, where, and when to ensure that all aspects are covered. This kind of management is useful in relatively large, long-term projects as well as projects with multiple authors.

Commitment to Quality Project Management

I offer guidance and feedback for clients interested in developing their own skills in writing and editing. I also work with writers who are in “DIY mode” during writing, editing, and layout stages to fill in gaps and get projects to completion. In addition, I provide workshops, which I post when offerings are available.

Commitment to Quality Consulting and Education

Specific examples of services for clients—agencies, organizations, and individuals—appear on those respective pages. I invite you to contact me with any questions!


Commitment to Clients and Client Projects

Whether making scientific and technical information more understandable to the general public, helping with work by those for whom English is a second (or third) language, or taking on a project—in seed/seedling stage or nearing full growth—to address a particular need, I acknowledge the privilege in working with clients to move their projects forward. My respect and commitment are reflected in guidelines set forth in the Editorial Freelancers Association Code of Fair Practice. They apply beyond editing, to all aspects of my work.

Sample Projects

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Even Seagulls Cry Cover

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